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General Insurances

What does the new decade bring for CRS Consultants Ltd – General Insurance Division?

In 2020 CRS are moving to a new back office support system that will enhance its opportunities to quote on Household, Motor, Motorcycle, Taxi and Van Insurance with effect from 3rd February. The new computer system also has a commercial quote system which will improve their competitiveness on Shops, Offices, Small Fleet, Tradesman’s insurance, property owners, commercial combined and truck insurance.

In addition to this CRS also have new agencies for non standard motor vehicles, Travel Insurance, Hospitality and Catering, young drivers, family fleet, difficult to place liability & commercial risks as well as for ancillary covers such as key care, Excess Protection both commercial and private contracts, Gap Protection, gadget insurance, briefcase & handbag cover, personal accident, car rental excess protection, stand alone tools cover and many more contracts.

Other advances in 2020 include specialist third party claims handlers for all Motor Claims with access to any type of vehicle as a courtesy vehicle be it car, van, Truck or non standard. There is also a specialist third party handler for all Property Household & Commercial Claims with their own in house loss assessors.

Finally and most importantly CRS Consultants are the first Insurance Broker and Customer in Cheshire of the UK’s only parametric stand alone Flood Insurances Cover. This cover is available for all commercial insurance risks whether in a flood area or not. All claims are guaranteed to be paid out without the need for loss adjusters or unnecessary delays and settlement cheques should be received within 7 days.

This ingenious cover involves the insured deciding what level of water damage would cause damage to their building (minimum 20cm’s in some cases maximum 40cm), choosing a sum insured (minimum £10,000), taking the cover out and having a sensor fitted to the outside of their building. The sensor sends readings several times a day to a monitored station 24 hours a day and if the water level reaches the desired trigger level the claim is triggered. The settlement can be used for anything the insured wants i.e. repairs, cleaning costs, to cover the excess on their main cover or a flood exclusion, or to cover growing crops in a field or a sports field etc.

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