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Next generation investment solutions driven by CleverAdviser technology.

CleverAdviser is an active management system for your investment or pension portfolio which offers a bespoke approach, using personal risk profiling and asset allocation tools to choose the best investment options for you.

Features & Benefits


Tracking & monitoring

CleverAdviser then monitors your portfolio on a monthly basis, tracking your investments and sends you a short, simple monthly email, making recommended changes when necessary.

After an unprecedented span of growth in the 1990s and the early part of the ‘noughties’ we are now experiencing a different environment, one which the route through is much less clear or certain.

Do you know how your funds are performing?

Many people start investment or pension contracts by choosing good funds to invest in. However, over time these funds can underperform and drag down the return on your investment.

Imagine you had invested £100,000 five years ago, and not having access to financial advice , you invested into the Top 50 Funds as listed in the Sunday Times (i.e. all those funds which were the leading performers/won awards 5 years). How many of the funds were still in the top 50 at the end of the five years ? Only 6 had retained their position in the top 50 by 2011.*

A new investment strategy

In previous years, long term investments through a ‘buy and hold’ strategy seemed low risk. Today, a new strategy is needed, one which quickly and accurately identifies a failing fund allowing you to switch to another, better performing fund before significant losses are made.

At the heart of our CleverAdviser service is this powerful combination of a robust assessment system, an active monthly review and our years of experience and expertise in financial management all of which work to ensure that losses are minimised and previous gains capitalised on.

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*source Financial Express Dec 2011