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Driving abroad after Brexit

Motor Insurance – Brexit/Green Card

If you are planning to drive in the EU after the 31st January 2020 you may need to be issued with a Green Card and motorists may also be required to purchase an International Driving Permit.  Each insurer has a different requirement so the golden rule is to check with your insurance provider, therefore please give us a call if you are planning on driving in Europe.

Why is a Green Card Needed?

A Green Card is an international certificate of insurance which guarantees that the motorist has the necessary third party insurance cover.  These certificates prove that customers are suitably insured to drive in these countries.  If you arrive at a border without a physical Green Card, you will not be allowed to drive in that country.  Please note electronic Green Cards are not accepted so please ensure you apply for one with enough time.

Would a Green Card cover me for all my vehicles?

You’d need a Green Card for each of your vehicles that are travelling. This is the case even if you have more than one car insured on a single car insurance policy.

Does my Green card cover me for towing?

You may require a separate Green Card for every vehicle, caravan or trailer you may be towing.

How long does a Green Card last?

Green Cards are normally valid for 15 days but if you’re going to be abroad for longer, tell your insurance provider and they may be able to extend it.

Will my UK Driving Licence be enough:

No. Some countries may set an expectation that you’ll have an International Driving Permit (IDP).  An IDP is available from your local Post Office of which there are 3 different types at a cost of £5.50 each.

Which IDP will I need?

1949 IDP: If you are travelling to Ireland, Malta, Spain or Cyprus, you may require a 1949 IDP. The 1949 convention IDP is valid for 12 months.

1968 IDP: If you are travelling to all other EU states, you may require a 1968 IDP. The 1968 convention IDP is valid for three years, or for however long your driving licence is valid if that date is earlier.

1926 IDP: A 1926 IDP is not required in any EU state. However, it is required if you plan to drive in Mexico or Somalia. You may need a 1926 IDP to drive in Liechtenstein as well.

Will I need to display a GB Sticker?

UK-registered cars will need to display a GB sticker when driving in any of the 27 EU countries – including the Republic of Ireland.  Drivers currently only need the sticker if their car does not have blue EU registration plates that display the ‘GB’ initials, but that could soon change.

What other paperwork do I need for driving in Europe?

If you drive safely and sensibly when travelling by road in Europe, you’re unlikely to encounter many problems. However, if accidents happen, or you’re stopped by local police, there are a few documents you’ll need to have at hand:

  • A valid passport and personal ID. Depending on the travel agreements agreed between the UK and the country you’re travelling to, you may need these documents to enter or exit the country.
  • Full photocard driving licence. Since June 8, 2015, paper counterpart licences will no longer be valid, so make sure you always carry your photocard licence.
  • A copy of your DVLA driver record and a licence check code.
  • Your original V5c vehicle registration document.

***Please note that this information was correct on January 20th 2020, but may change as the UK works on a trade deal with the EU throughout the transition period in 2020***

So if you are planning a trip abroad, please contact us so we can help you with your arrangements.

If you have queries, please do not hesitate to contact us

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